Hippocrates is known as the father of medicine. He has stated, "A Physician cannot safely administer medicine if he is not acquainted with astrology". The Indian medical system Ayurveda also accepts this fact. Medical astrology is one of the specific branches of Vedic astrology. With the help of this, we can better understand the psychological and physiological structure of our life.

Did you know that your DNA and genetic patterns also determine your success. Your genetic imprints operate and shape your life. You have been programmed to believe that only hard work is the key of success. Can you reach your destination only on the basis of your driving skill and car? Do like road, others vehicles, weather etc. not affect your journey. In a similar manner, your destiny affects your life journey. How much better it would be if you already know your inherent health potential. If you already know the track of your health then, it would be easy to maintain your health for a long time by changing the life style.

Horoscope is a symbolic language to know our hereditary legacy . With the help of astrology we can detect the disease at nanoparticle level and also select opportune time for treatment or prevention. Indian mystics reveal the technique of this methodology of diagnosis with the help of “NARAKAAR CHAKRA” & “KOT CHAKRA”. Kot means fort. This body is also a fort of soul. With the help of these both chakra, we can know the possibility of disease in this life. This precious information is helpful for us to adopt a healthy life style.

There are four causes of illness- heredity, environment, your life style and thought patterns. Of course, heredity and environment cannot be changed but with the healthy life style and proper thinking patterns, we can reduce the seriousness of disease. For example, while purchasing a car, it would be good to know which part of car is weak and defective. Then we may pay extra attention while driving. How good it would be if we come to know the capacity of our body organs at the time of birth? Well, it is quite possible with the help of astrology. Have we never heard the famous dictum of Indian mysticism that: “Breath and Bread” are pre-destined? Whatever has been created in the world of time and space, that’s capacity is already pre-decided. We all have heard about this famous dictum that, “Pahla Sukh Nirogi Kaya”. Sound mind exists in sound body. So wealth without health has no value. Your health line is hidden in your DNA. Can you believe that with the help of your horoscope your health pattern can be predicted? Let us live according to the famous dictum of medical science that “Prevention is better than cure”. Know your sketch of health and live a healthy life by changing lifestyle accordingly.

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