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Astro calculus is the center of ancient Vaidik wisdom. The purpose of this center is to serve the people in the field of Astrology and Meditation. We are here for the betterment of people. In this era, the importance of ancient Vaidik wisdom has been improved due to a very busy and stressful life. Our mission is to bring happiness to the people and help them have a more satisfying life. We want to provide a platform where people can realize the true gift of life. This center is registered under MSME. Our Acharya Ji is a renowned astrologer in India. His book “SCIENCE OF ASTROLOGY” reveals the rationality behind Vaidik astrology. This book is available on Amazon.

Note: Astrological predictions neither prove always right nor always wrong, so do not take these as a deciding guideline. Please correlate them practically also. Forecasting of weather and the future are approximately the same (sometimes true, sometimes false).

Astro Calculus