Cosmic Horoscope

Acharyaji is the first Astrologer of this world who created such a rare horoscope. This is a historical discovery in the field of Astrology. Acharyaji has named this horoscope as "Brahmand Kundali". The Brahmand Kundali is the pride of Indian astrology. This invention is a subject to copyright. Bookings are invited throughout the world to prepare this manuscript. Just book this rarest horoscope of Vaidik Science and be the part of History.

Our sages created Shadvarg for the micro analysis of horoscope. But the problem was that it was not possible to see these seven horoscopes together. Till date, no such birth chart has been prepared in which all types of charts can be seen along with the Lagan kundali at a single glance. But our Acharyaji has discovered one such horoscope in which nine planets can be seen in all the charts simultaneously. At the same time the position of the planets is also visible in the 108 steps of 27 Nakshtras.

Why 108 digit is too much important in Indian mythology? The original source of this term is astrology . There are twelve signs & each have nine navamans. In this aspect there are 108 navamans in Zodic which cover 360 degree as a whole. In other words there are 27 constellations around us , each have 4 charans these also covers 360 degree as a whole because one Navamans & one Charan have equal space of 3degree 20 kala in zodic. So as the symbol of whole,the digit 108 has been adopted by many philosophical traditions in India. This very is the only reason behind 108 beads in a mala for chanting mantra while meditation.

That is why our Ancient Seers created 108 types of horoscopes on palm leaves. This branch is famous as Naadi astrology in South India . These horoscopes can be findout on the bases of thumb impression which are of 108 types in this world. In cosmic horoscope 108 aspects of 9 planets can be observed in a single glance with seven horoscopes. AcharyaJi accomplish Vaidik astrology with this incredible invention. There is no alternative of Cosmic Horoscope.

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