First Astrologer of India who obtained copyright for his invention-"Brahmand Kundali" (Reg. No. A-133695/2020).

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When I requested my Gurudev Shri Ram Dubey to teach me astrology then he answered,

“No, you already know it.”

I told him surprisingly, "No, I don’t know anything about Astrology.

He again told me, "You know this science since your previous birth in Prayagraj. Whatever knowledge you have gained in that previous birth is stored in your subconscious mind and in due course of time it will bloom up.

It was the meeting occurred in February 2000 and exactly after 4 years in February 2004, I could write my first book on Astrology, my age was 24 years at that time. Now I am the first Astrologer who holds the copyright of my incredible invention of the COSMIC HOROSCOPE.

- Acharya Naveen

Naveen Acharya is a well-known and reputed name in this field of astrology. He possesses vast knowledge and experience in demystified Vedic astrology. Astro Calculus has unmatched services of astrology that have helped thousands of devotees with suffering from any generous and reasonable problems. Our astrologers in Gurgaon have a proper understanding of astrology, Vastu shastra, gemstones, divine science, Vaidik Astrology, and spiritual medications to help clients with their problems in a specific manner.

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We have the best astrologer in Gurgaon Dr. Acharya who invented the “cosmic horoscope”. With comprehensive astrology, we generate accurate Kundli, Vedic horoscopes, birth carts, problem carts and many more with suitable solutions. A cosmic horoscope shows the patterns of planets with steps of Nakshatras in your kundlis. With your thumbprints and palm lines, he studies the horoscope and prepares the chart for your betterment. This provides an accurate and insightful description of your zodiac sun sign, birth card and each animal year with the combination.

Dr. Naveen Acharya is a good listener and empathetic individual and guides clients with personal attention with his divine knowledge. He is available online to give your better direction for your future, present and problems. He emphasizes balancing your karma through the reading of planetary positions in your Kundli. Right from the birth date and till date, he prepares the chart of your objective on this earth.

Get the appropriate guidance from the most experienced celebrity astrologer in Gurgaon and get proper answers through our unique astrology measures. We offer horoscope readings about your relationships, business, family problems, financial problems, health issues, education, career-related guidance and positive solutions. Our Astro-solutions can solve your life problems and help you overcome any misfortune.

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The beginning of my astrological journey.

I did not choose astrology…..astrology chose me from my previous birth.

In the age of 10th year of my life, after seeing sunset and a dead body, an intense feeling of loneliness emerged out from inside to know the secrets of death and what occurred after death. Then after struggling with these thoughts continuously for two years, I have decided to move on the path of spirituality in the age of 12 years of my life. Next seven years I spent in reading of scriptures and meditation. “Moksha” word of Indian scriptures influenced me a lot and attainment of salvation became the primary goal of my life.

It was the incidence of year 1998, in the month of October on 4th my mother visited the place of her elder sister in Bikaner, Rajasthan and she has shown my horoscope to the Gurudev of my maternal uncle. His name was Shri Ram Dubey. As soon as Gurudev saw the horoscope and asked whose horoscope is this? And who are the parents? My maternal Aunt gave the brief introduction of my parents then Guruji said “this horoscope is belonging to a spiritual child and then took a paper and written few sentences, which are as follows-

1. This boy has done immense worship of God in his previous births and due to that effect he likes worshipping God a lot in this life also.
2. He will have a deep interest in acquiring the knowledge and will bring name and fame for family.
3. Will marry surely.
4. Now will not take birth after this life, he will gain salvation from grihastha-ashram.
5. More specifically will be lucky for his father.

(Those sentences of my Gurudev with his signature and date, are available till date with utmost respect).

My mother shown that paper to me after returning from Bikaner. I stunned to read the paper and really was surprised to see that how a person can know the exact and true mental framework of anyone just reading the 12 squares chart. That time I was of 19 years of age. This paper was keeping the aim of my life which was beyond anybody’s imagination because neither I spoke to no-one on this context nor any other can imagine this kind of desire at this early stage of my life.

I spent whole of my adolescent age in self-study and spiritual sadhanas and in the last year of puberty I was surprised to read such a clear expression of my fate, so developed a great interest to know myself by the science of astrology. I thought that this horoscope has some relation with my life or may be mirror of my karma. This document of Dubey ji inspired me to meet him and on 28th august 1999, I went to meet him in Bikaner, Rajasthan. It was my first meeting with Gurudev on 29th august 1999.

That was a great day of my life. Without asking me anything Gurudev told about me a lot. I did not ask even a single question in our first meeting, whatever he was saying I was just listening and listening. After that I returned to my place. By reading many scriptures, I could understand that previous births and karmas are influencing our life in the present birth a lot, means that whatever deeds we are doing in previous life we will definitely receive their effects and impacts, it’s all decided and directed by almighty or universal power even from prior to the birth. In spiritual science destiny has greatly emphasised by many scholars. The Prarabdh or previous karmas or destiny related with that part of previous birth whose reaction or impact which has yet to be faced in this birth, it’s all predestined.

It’s my strong belief that whatever is predestined can be known by anyone. And this thought inspired me to study Astrology and, in the February 2000, again I went to Bikaner to meet my GURUDEV. Yes, Photo is attached herewith to know more about that meeting with Gurudev. After meeting him I requested gently please teach me and guide me this most mystical subject the Astrology.

He answered with smile and deep faith - “No, you know it.”

I told him No; I don’t know even the basics of Astrology.

He again told me, Have faith on me, you know this science. Whatever knowledge you have gained in your previous birth that is available in your subconscious mind and in due course of time it will bloom up.

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It was the meeting occurred in the February 2000 and exactly after 4 years in February 2004, by I could write my first book on Astrology, my age was 24 years that time. So, in this manner my life entered into the ocean of Astrology, and now I am the first Astrologer holds the copyright of my incredible invention COSMIC HOROSCOPE. Now I wish this ancient Vedic science should be known by everyone and everyone can improve the quality of their life. Astrology never makes a person to depend on its luck but it explains that every deed has its unchangeable effect, everyone has to face it but with good or pious deed we may decrease the bitterness of fate.

Here’s how I can help you live a better, more satisfying, more fulfilling and rewarding life with my Astrology and Solutions.

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