Myths of Astrology

Miths vs Reality

According to AcharyaJi, there are three myths in astrology which make people scared. They are: KaalSarp yoga, MoolShanti, and Mangleek. Let us take them one by one:

KAALSARP- In the ancient scriptures of astrology, there is no yoga named “KAALSARP”. No one astrologer can show this yoga in ancient granthas of Maharshi. So AcharyaJi suggests his clients not to panic with this yoga. Shri K. N. Rao, one of the best astrologers of the modern age, also declared this yoga as a fake yoga in his book “KaalSarp Yoga”. If there are any hurdles in your life, then there must be another reason for this in your horoscope. If KaalSarp yoga played a significant role in the life of an individual then why Maharshi Parashar, Varahmihir and other astrological authorities did not take it up in their treatise? Why did not they underline the fact that KaalSarp yoga can greatly impact the life of an individual. Instead, the fact is that in the famous yogas, Rahu-Ketu have not been included. Even "Kalyan Verma" one of the great astrologers of 10th century did not include Rahu-Ketu in his famous book "SARAVALI". It shows non importance of Rahu-Ketu in making yoga. Dr. P. S Shastri said, "In the standard astrological treatises, KaalSarp yoga has not even been mentioned".

MOOLSHANTI- Our Maharishis divided the Akashchakra into 12 zodiac signs & 27 constellations. These zodiac signs & constellations are divided into three sections on the basis of three qualities (Satoguna, Rajoguna, Tamoguna). Therefore, there are only three such situations in the zodiac when both the Rashi and the Nakshatra end together and the new Rashi and Nakshatra begin at this end. The constellations falling on these junctures are called Mool Nakshatra. Their total number is six. In a way, the Mool Nakshatra is a joint of three Zodiac signs. There are always some disturbances in all kinds of joints such as bone’s joint, season’s joint, border’s joint, pathway’s joint, etc. There are needs to be extra careful.

Similarly, according to the scriptures, the immunity of the native born in these constellations may be weak. That’s why the Maharishis have made a provision of MoolSanti for such a person. The rituals of MoolSanti is such that it is directly related to the Boosting of the immunity of the child and the Vaccination Process also serves the same purpose. For this process, the leaves of 27 trees and the soil of 27 villages are collected and boiled in the water of 27 wells and then the child is bathed.

The scientific reason behind this ritual is that the bacteria of 27 tree leaves and soil of 27 villages reach 100 degrees water in the same condition as the bacteria in Vaccine. Bacteria & Virus of this Attenuated state, by coming into contact with the child, create the immunity of the child and he acquires the ability to live well in that climate. This is almost the same process as that of Vaccination. In ancient times, the process of MoolSanti was adopted in the absence of vaccination, but in this modern age, Vaccination is enough for MoolSanti. There is no need of MoolShanti rituals at all. Do vaccination only.

MANGLEEK- There is much confusion about Mangleek dosh. Like KaalSarp yoga there is no evidence of Mangleek yoga in our ancient astrological manuscripts. It cannot be found in any book of astrology published before the 20th century. The first reference of this yoga appears in the book "Ranjan Sangrah" of Ram Deen Daivaigya in the 20th century. So, it is not trustworthy. And in my opinion, no matter where Mangal is situated in a horoscope, if the lord and Karka of the seventh house is in the friendly position, then matrimonial life will be happy. But if the lord of the seventh house is not in a good position in the horoscope, then in the case of non-mangleek couples also, matrimonial life will not be happy. Here I would like to say that Mangleek couple's blood group should be matched before going ahead.

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