Garbhadhan Sanskar

Garbhadhan Sanskar

According to Indian Hindu culture, Garbhadhan sanskar (pregnancy) has an important place. In the Mahabharata, Arjuna's son Abhimanyu received the teaching of Chakravyu from the womb of the mother. It is also seen as a Garbh Sanskar. A monk like Prahlad was born to the demon king, which is also seen as the outcome of divine education through Garbh Sanskar.

It is for newly married couples. Garbhadhan samskara is the first step to Shodasha samskaras which is the invitation of a lucky soul. Here low of attraction pays an important role to the embodiment of a soul bearing good deeds in past lives with the alignment of specific constellation in the horoscope of couple.

It starts with Garbhadhana Muhurta or Shubh Muhurat for Conception. This ensures that conception instead of being an accident should be a pre-planned affair. Garbha Sanskar is a wonderful concept where one can have a really virtuous child with proper planning. I felt the need to write this article as people have forgotten such a wonderful way of family planning by our vedic culture. In fact it is a vedic way of planning a healthy and lucky child. This samskara ensures that conception instead of being an accident should be a pre-planned affair at an auspicious time when husband and wife meet with a definite object of having progeny.

This counseling is about telling you good nakshatra, tithis, lagnas for a lucky and healthy child along with the alignment of your horoscope. There are some Good nakshatras, Tithis and Lagna for conception. Apart from Shubh muhurat for conception one can also go for Auspicious Muhurat for Cesarean delivery if doctors suggest it. But according to my perspective a natural delivery is always the best, but now-a-days it has become a trend to advice most of couples to go for C-section. So if you have been advised by your doctor to have a baby through C-section you can get in touch with us for Auspicious Muhurtam.

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