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In physiography we read that tides in the sea are caused by the gravitational pulls of the sun & moon. The sun countervails & supports the moon’s pull alternately when the Sun, Moon & Earth are in a line as at new moon and full moon. I think serious surgery should not be done of the patient of BP on full & new moon. The ocean covers 71% of the earth’s surface. The liquid in our body is also 71% of the total mass. The composition of seawater is a mixture of various salts. Both Sea water & human blood are affected by the gravitational pulls of the moon.

Moon represents the mind. The word lunatic is formed from lunar (moon). This means moon has a direct effect on a lunatic. If one happens to visit an Asylum during full moon days, a mad person will be very hostile like the wild sea water that is why it is said in astrology that “Chandrma Manso Jayte” that is moon signifies the mind. Dr. Arnold Leiber found a significant correlation between violent acts with the waxing & waning moon. That’s why I have started consultancy for surgery to enhance the success rate of surgery. During surgery, everything depends upon the thought process of doctor, patient and cosmic alignment between both. There must be harmony among them. Every BP patient must take this consultancy.

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